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1. money

Scrilla is another word for money.
1. Yeah I got paid mad scrilla this week.
by Ms.T June 01, 2006
Scrilla is a term for cash money in a literal sense but could also be a way to describe your hustling energy, your ability to move product and your people skills. Any salesman knows that immedietly after making a deal you must try to make another one because you have an energy of success about you that makes people more likely to deal with you, so yes scrilla means cash, but I think it goes deeper than that scrilla is your hustle, your flow, your energy and momentum that can make you or break you in the cash game.
In the remix of I got five on it E-40 says, "I'm feelin my scrilla but perhaps my scrilla aint feelin me." This statement leads me to beleive that scrilla isn't just cash its the force that attracts the cash to you, your mojo if you will.
Another word for money
Ludacris "Jump in my car then I'm countin' up my scrillas"
by candy az August 10, 2007
Currency or money; often cash.
Yo dawg I be needin' some crazy scrilla or I get kicked out of my pad.
by Cody February 09, 2004
The street term for money
I shot dice on the block and i won a lot of scrilla
by bcnxfhdhgf December 25, 2006
Scrilla means money, cash, riches.
I wanna collect some mad scrilla.
"Niggaz in Caddy's say scrilla, but to me it's just ends."
by Comdizzle October 25, 2006
financial affluence
Those gangstas got mad skrilla!
by 301 Gangsta Krew April 10, 2003