Money or type of legal tender
I don't have any scrilla
by Bryan Swan January 07, 2004
Cash money used 2 buy sh!t
If dem ni99az got scrilla Im wait till 1 pay da otha and rob both of dem ni99az
by B-STUY BOY November 26, 2007
a form or denomination of coin or paper money
I got scrilla like Fort Knox.
by phelon October 25, 2003
Another way to say cash; money

see also: mons,money,cash,currency
Lil' John - "When you an' your crew go out ta get crunk at the club, yous gots ta bring about 3k in scrilla."
by Jill-izo November 15, 2006
Something that the University of North Carolina basketball team desperately needs to "get back on" in the 2010-2011 season. Typical lead in is "on + {possessive}," ex. "I'm on my scrilla" or "He's on his scrilla" or "We're on our scrilla."
Obnoxious Dookie: Wow, what an inspiring performance by your Tar Heels in the NIT last year. Runners up! Congratulations!

Awesome Carolina fan: Shut up, assface. It was one down year. Roy's boys will be back on their scrilla this year. Until then, let's compare banners while I shove the 2010 trophy up K's anus.
by jukz July 21, 2010
Another word for money
Ludacris "Jump in my car then I'm countin' up my scrillas"
by Candy Az July 12, 2007
A Perfectly rolled Blunt of Weed
You can't roll a blunt

You Bugging I got the Scrilla
by Manolo-Da February 26, 2015

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