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Money or type of legal tender
I don't have any scrilla
by Bryan Swan January 07, 2004
Cash money used 2 buy sh!t
If dem ni99az got scrilla Im wait till 1 pay da otha and rob both of dem ni99az
by B-STUY BOY November 26, 2007
a form or denomination of coin or paper money
I got scrilla like Fort Knox.
by phelon October 25, 2003
Something that the University of North Carolina basketball team desperately needs to "get back on" in the 2010-2011 season. Typical lead in is "on + {possessive}," ex. "I'm on my scrilla" or "He's on his scrilla" or "We're on our scrilla."
Obnoxious Dookie: Wow, what an inspiring performance by your Tar Heels in the NIT last year. Runners up! Congratulations!

Awesome Carolina fan: Shut up, assface. It was one down year. Roy's boys will be back on their scrilla this year. Until then, let's compare banners while I shove the 2010 trophy up K's anus.
by jukz July 21, 2010
Another way to say cash; money

see also: mons,money,cash,currency
Lil' John - "When you an' your crew go out ta get crunk at the club, yous gots ta bring about 3k in scrilla."
by Jill-izo November 15, 2006
Another word for money
Ludacris "Jump in my car then I'm countin' up my scrillas"
by Candy Az July 12, 2007
Scrilla is a term used for money or wealth.
'Im a guerilla for scrilla' - lloyd banks pimp remix
by MC PAKMAN March 19, 2005