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anything that you keep (whether stolen or given to you) from someone's house after you've slept with them.
Laura didn't really like doing it with Chip so much, but she did nab a copy of Time Magazine with Mick Jagger on it from his house as a screwvenir.
by Laura September 14, 2003
8719 952
Rhymes with (souvenir); This is something, a personal item, that you take with you after a night of wild lovemakin', after a booty call, or a one-night-stand. You take these things without the original owners' knowledge. It could be a t-shirt, cd, lighter, hairbrush, etc., that belonged to the person you just hooked up with. Sort of like a 'souvenir' of the encounter.
"How do you like this cool candle holder? It's a screwvenir from the other night at Todd's house."
by Rhonda Q September 19, 2005
179 68
Anything stolen from a one night stand. Whether it be a used condom or a blender.
After Tim and I fucked like bunnies and past out, I screwvenired his entire collection of lawn gnomes.
by Klosedkasket September 15, 2003
112 63
the suvenir you get after a one night stand or quick sex scandle.
cly: So how did it go?
ken: Great, i got a screw-venir aswell!
cly:(laughs)wat'd u get?
ken:(waves a thong & laughs)
by missmac@ya April 02, 2009
3 2
Lice you catch from screwing someone.
"I fucked that chic and she left screwvenirs all over my dick."
by Jaybirdking April 19, 2009
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