Chinese business owners that don't believe in playing by the rules by illegally importing sub-standard products that give us Americans a nightmare buying experience when the product breaks before ever being used or catches on fire while in use or simply falls apart during use. Chinese business owners screw over their employees by underpaying them like slaves and don't feel its necessary to pay them on time because it's not important to them because they have millions in the bank. Chinese business owners that strap dildos to their heads and walk around screwing their employees over time and time again.
Man I wish that I didn't work for the Screwnicorns (Chinese) because they are always chasing me around the office with dildos on their head to make me submissive to their devious business plan of screwing over hard working Americans by selling them sub-standard product.
by FUNNY GUY 77 July 13, 2011
Top Definition
When two raging lesbians get naked and strap dildos to their foreheads, they get down on all fours and crawl around trying to penetrate each other.
My lesbian roommate tried playing screwnicorns and ended up finding out she likes anal.
by zwicks December 16, 2004
When a dyke puts a strap-on on her forehead and then proceeds to place the dildo in another persons orifice.
Large Marge wanted to try something new with her lesbian lover, Roxy, so she slapped that bad boy to her forehead and then went at her stinky meat wallet like a jackhammer going at cement.
by NastyBrett December 11, 2003
When a dyke puts her strap-on dildo on her forehead and proceeds to go at her partner like a crazed unicorn.
i wish I had a screwnicorn
by ryan P December 15, 2003
1. (noun) a lesbian with a dildo strapped to her forehead

2. (verb) to penetrate another with a dildo strapped to ones forehead, like a crazed unicorn.

3. (verb) to battle a rival lesbian to near death by clashing forehead dildos in a stag-like manner.
1. The screwnicorn winced as her dildo hit the doorframe.
2. The whiplash injury was a result of a drunken screwnicorn.
3. The angry girls had a screwnicorn over the hot chick.
by CeltGal April 03, 2007
A made up sexual act which involves Partner A wearing a strap on dildo on their forehead and then proceeds to have intercourse using said dildo with Parter B. This was referenced in a Most Offensive Video Over-Dub of a Charlie Brown and Peanuts cartoon.
"We're going to do the Screw-Nicorn trick. That's when I put a dildo on my head and fuck Marcy headfirst like a Unicorn on amphetamines."
by Bubonic_Chronic November 01, 2007
When a lesbian puts a strap-on on her forehead than proceeds to pleasure her partner
"The dyke preformed teh screwnicorn on her girlfriend
by Adam March 08, 2003
An awkward creature with a strap on attached to his head galloping around screaming scrrrrrrooooooooOoooo!
The screwnicorn needs no example, youll know it when you see it.
by headie October 29, 2008

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