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When two raging lesbians get naked and strap dildos to their foreheads, they get down on all fours and crawl around trying to penetrate each other.
My lesbian roommate tried playing screwnicorns and ended up finding out she likes anal.
by zwicks December 16, 2004
adj. An exclamation of delight. Can be used in same context as words such as: wicked cool, awesome, sweet, or fanfuckintabulous
Did you see that hot bitch? Her ass is fuckin tits!
by zwicks September 29, 2004
adj. An exclamation of extreme joy. It can also be used in a sarcastic sense to describe utter dismay.
I just won a fanfuckintabulous Carribbean vacation.
You're three weeks late?!? That's fanfuckingtabulous.
by zwicks September 29, 2004
A sexual maneuver where you are getting blown, and as you are about to cum, pull out, stick your dick in her ear and jiz. When she screams, you quickly haul back and dick slap her across the forehead to shut her up.
"Dude, I pulled the Zwicky on a chick last night, and now she's got an ear infection
by Zwicks August 31, 2004
After you somehow manage to convince a freak to give you a blumpkin, just as they go down, you piss in their eyes.
Although the bus driver had some huge ass rolls and black teeth, she gave a wicked philli blumpkin.
by zwicks December 16, 2004
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