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To be attached to another object by an inclined plane wrapped helically around an axis.
Oh look at those little men! They are trying to escape the crocodile but in doing so are throwing the whole plane off balance! They are completely screwed.
by TheDJack October 30, 2010
to be in alot of trouble by someone. commonly used in future or present tense.
Adam: Shit! I failed my science exam I am soo effing screwed!

Tom: You robbed a bank?! You can't hide in my house! If you get caught, we are BOTH gonna be sooooo screwed!!
by bigggunns June 22, 2009
When Emely takes a turn on scrabble
Zack can not take a turn, therefore he is screwed
by LemonBear July 28, 2014
Starting Week 11 and only being on Week 5.
I am totally screwed.
by xphtevenxi_axphtevenx May 16, 2014
1. Had sex with another person.
2. a person puts you into hell with out telling you first
3. deep truble
4. basicly Fucked like no other.
5. a more suble way of saying "your Fucked"
1. I screwed a girl last night and it was great
2. person1 says hay police i am afraid of person2, instead of confronting person 2 about the problem
3. Jail
4. doomed, no hope for life to continue.
5. dude the girl totally fucked your life man. that totally sucks.
by James Hatefull November 21, 2005
messed up, ruined!
man that shit is screwed!
by HUNNEY BUNN May 31, 2002
What we all are if Hillary gets into the White House {see: intern, liberal, cheat, loser, carpetbagger}
If Hillary gets into the White House we are all screwed.
by wordmaven October 14, 2005