1. To utterly and completely ruin a work venture, akin to "a royal fuck up".

2. The act of rendering something useless

3. To waste time. Usually connected to people not working to their potential.
"Bob really screwed the pooch on that assignment. Not a single stat was correct"

"Jen loves to screw the pooch. She has a world record high score in tetris on her office computer."

.... You know how (in the California highway construction) one guy actually works, while 3 guys stand around holding shovels watching him? - Those guys went to Screw the Pooch college to learn how to do that.
by Mcnostril January 16, 2006
Top Definition
to fuck things up royally; originally used by U.S. naval aviators to mean "crash one's plane into the water"
by Anonymous June 05, 2003
This expression means to make a catastrophic error or failure.
Watch him screw the pooch at the last minute and the deal fall through.
by Duckbutt January 28, 2006
In skateboarding, to lose control of the board and crush one's testicles on a rail, bar, lip, or other similar surface.
Tony tried to grind down the handrail at school, but instead he just managed to screw the pooch.
by Fresnel February 25, 2009
When management of a venture-backed company miss their numbers.
Molly Ashby always loved the opportunity to tell her fellow board members that management screwed the pooch last quarter; Brian Watson creamed his pants when she said that.
by madmark65 July 24, 2004
To engage in intercourse with the family dog.
Boy, Sparky's looking tired today. Mom must have really screwed the pooch last night.


Timmies' got blue balls, so I told him to screw the pooch.
by MonickerBazillion December 02, 2010
Meaning to err greatly. Literally meaning to accidently achieve an orgasm when fooling around to get your sausage up in a girls guts. Hence, a catostrophic fuck up.
ex 1: We really can't screw the pooch in the 4th quarter, boys.

ex2: guy1-" I was so nervous with sheniqua last night that i screwed the pooch."
guy2- " ouch dude, ouch.
guy1-" ehhhh, it was good for me."
by Ollie Vector November 20, 2006
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