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Combination of scary and crazy. Origins in BC, Canada.
That girl is scrazy.
by Stevie-Jay September 08, 2005
46 17
something that is scary and crazy.
When your ex blasts how she wants to cut you on social media websites.. That's "scrazy!"
by Enforcer_2013 May 14, 2013
2 0
an object, action, or circumstance that can be seen as scary crazy.
that girl has a scrazy tan!
by nicka nick June 01, 2009
2 0
crazy to excess; combining the superlative super with the word crazy
"Damn, we were walking home from the club, and she followed me to my apartment."
"What happened?"
"I told her to go home, and she said she loved me."
"That girl is scrazy!"
5 3
To be frightingenly crazy.
"The way he was acting was scrazy!"
by MK! August 17, 2007
0 2
super crazy ,totally insane
you are the scrziest homegirl i know
by task one August 27, 2003
2 4