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weak, ugly, skinny kid
rapdawg is a scrawn
did u see that scrawn rapdawg?
rapdawg thinks hes huge but hes really just a scrawn
by rapdawg June 18, 2010
the latest trend in unhealthy thin-ness; thinner than waif
Mike: Man, that ultra-waif model could use a sandwich. I can see her collarbone from 100 feet away.

Shawn: Dude, you ever banged a bony chick? The pain of slamming a bony ass and having those hip bones cut into your abdomen adds to the pleasure of the pork. I dig Scrawn.
by Michael Grant July 23, 2010
A young child who is slightly disheveled and significantly misbehaves in social or family situations. Appearance is usually characterized by dirty clothing, untied shoes, or a mouth stained with food or orange soda. Behavior can include activities such as throwing temper tantrums during family holidays or vacations, scaring or taunting animals, or using "fresh" langauge with adults or parents.
Billy fired his slingshot at the horse the other day. He is such a scrawn!
by MaceandCyndil May 27, 2009
A combination scream/yawn.

Occasionally necessary to completely empty the body of the yawn particles which build up during long periods without sleep.
"Jesus Christ! What the fuck was that?!"

- "Dude, calm down, don't act like you never scrawn."
by Cramhead July 14, 2011
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