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Highly effective aerosol slave repellent.
"Jebediah, grab the Slave-Away! Toby's in the corn pone again!"
by Cramhead February 11, 2008
A normally strict and assholish person- usually British- whose scathing criticisms are broken by random and unpredictable moments of sappiness or pity.
Why the fuck did Gordon Ramsay let that bitch into the final!? He needs to stop being such a saphole.
by Cramhead July 29, 2010
A combination of "besides" and "except", commonly used by those under the age of 4, or the influence.
Fucking christhole! I hate every thing he ever said becepts "Now I will murder myself."
by Cramhead December 23, 2007
When you poop and wipe your butt and then have to poop some more.
"God damn returds cost us half a roll of toilet paper, Mr. President!"
by Cramhead July 03, 2009
<i>adj</i>, (Superlative) Describes the dog that jumps the highest.
"That dog Dutch is the jumpest dog <i>ever</i>."
by Cramhead December 23, 2007
A combination scream/yawn.

Occasionally necessary to completely empty the body of the yawn particles which build up during long periods without sleep.
"Jesus Christ! What the fuck was that?!"

- "Dude, calm down, don't act like you never scrawn."
by Cramhead July 14, 2011

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