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A Skank Ass Hoe bag, usually with missing teeth and a bladder problem. One is advised to run, because of it's strong odor, upon encountering one, death is inevitable.
Kimmie J. is my neighbor, and is a hardcore scraven. She is known as the "Scraven of Rohach" located in Aston.
by Chimmy Changa November 17, 2006
A "scraven" is an individual who when is without, finds away to get by and do with. A scraven is one who goes without, or can get by on very little. scravens often steal, lie , or cheat in order to get ahead or to acquire things they need for survival such as food or clothing. A scraven knows the value of a dollar, so they do not spend their money on over priced objects they do not need, they prefer to steal these things while saving their money for necessities. if a scraven steals something with value, they will seek to sell it and keep the money saved.
1. I was at a jam, and was real fucking high so i ate the crusts of pizza left in a box like a true scrav.

2. Buying chase for a party is a waste of precious change. One will bring a purse into a grocery store and steal a 2 L bottle of coke, like a prime scraven.
by Scraven_world November 07, 2011
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