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Someone who is seriously awesome. Has a huge heart. You can't help but love her. Always likes to meet new people. Very outgoing and helpful. Has too much energy all the time. Kind of embarrassing to be around.
I'm in love with a Kimmie!
by dollydiva September 30, 2009
Beautifully complex, multifarious, infinitely stupendous, immeasurably unique, determined, headstrong, sugar, spice, and everything nice :)
You'll never meet another gal, that's anything like a Kimmie. <3
by Twomoons November 17, 2010
Competative, nice, always a leader, never a follower, lucious kissable lips, seductive bedroom eyes, growls when aroused, drives the ladies wild!!! OWNED BY STEPHANIE!! Can't stand a fake ass bitch!
When I think about Kimmie......I can't help but touch myself!!
by S&K4E September 08, 2010
A Role Model To N00bs Worldwide.
(Kimmie Gets Backstabbed By A Spy On TF2)
"I'm Not Playing Anymore!!!"
by iSammo March 28, 2010
worlds biggest slut & biggest bitch ever! also lies alot and is very ugly.
- i heard she begged him for sex, thats kimmie for ya.
by bitchesbehatin. May 07, 2011
(1)A cancerous fart with a brown noise. (2)A malignant tumor. (3)A going away party given after an employee departs and the departing employee is not invited.
A Kimmie will stab anyone in the back to keep the lime light off her. Will lie in front of you and expect you to confirm the lie. Talks like porky the pig to confuse anyone who asks her a question. Does not understand she is not the center of the world, there is nothing bigger out there then her, morally deficient with the character of a drug dealer.
by RangerT October 26, 2006
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