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a gul is a totally brilliant person

the "gul pyramid" consists of the following in order or superiority: Queen Gul, guls, gulettes, gubs, gubettes, lugs and lugettes (the lowest of the low)

a gul is also someone or something that is very cool
sinead: what a flipping lug!
hannah: i know, and i should, i'm queen gul afterall!
by GUL!!!!! September 21, 2009
The best thing you can get for a hell forge rush.
"Damn! After I rushed that level 4 guy a Gul dropped from his forge. The asshole grabbed it and logged out immediately."
by RRLD August 04, 2009
Object used to give a woman pleasure (sexually)
A GÙl is a Dildo if you got the money, a carrot if your a farmer, the seat belt thingy if your in a car, a man if your not ugly
by DAKÙ July 01, 2013
Something to be said in an awkward situation.
Matt: Did you do that 12 page essay that's due today?
Greg: (realizing he didn't do it) Gul!
by Pelemus-McSoy February 13, 2007
word used when a person of the opposite sex is found unattractive.
Oh god that bitch is gul!
by Lugatron August 05, 2003
A prominent cleft in the chin, particularly one resulting from excess neck fat. The full term is "Fern Gully," abbreviated "Gul."
Steve: Check out the gul on that chick. She is moderately fat.
Clarko: I'd probably still hit it. I'd put it in her gul! Oh yeah!
Steve: Clarko, you are a sick fuck.
Clarko: Sure am Steve, sure am.
by The Wiffler January 20, 2006