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Saskatchewanese for the basic ingredients used for cooking, instead of store bought mixes.
We made the hamburgers were made from scratch.
by Dillon Forsberg September 11, 2005
To wipe out, or bail... hard.
"Man, you really scratched on that last jump."
by Burrows February 27, 2006
female who likes to give it up easily; whore
That is some fine looking scratch, unfortunately, she's got crabs.
by Zo, Joose, and Jeff March 20, 2003
1. shortened version of scratch your dirty neck, which means "the coldest dis told to someone who is moded or proven very very wrong"

*note: doing the physical action of scratching one's neck while using this phrase is most effective.
Long Duck Dong brags to his friends all night how he could score any hooch in the club. His friend tells him he'd like to see him score with a particularly fine looking girl. Long Duck Dong gladly obliges, walks over to the girl but she turns him down. As Long Duck Dong walks back to his friend, his friend says...

by mb10 January 02, 2005
anotter term for vicodin or other of them great pain killers
got ne scratch
by fluffy December 03, 2003