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v. To tweak the spelling or appearanece of something and change it to something else. Comes from changing the 1984 to 1981 on your drivers' licence so you can drink underage, like in the Mike Hines episode of 2000.
-'I can't get into the bar, I am too young.'
-'Give me your ID so I can give the motherfucker the scratch.'

The speed limit was too low so we gave the sign the scratch.
by saltcock October 20, 2004
When 3 guys are all doing a broad at once. Comes from the video game Rampage that allowed 3 players at a time.
Me and Jimmy and Stewie all wheeled this B-rod last night, it was a rampage!
by saltcock October 19, 2004
the best suffix. sounds good in all situations, when it just fits.
- Fuck youtown.
- Did she suck your cocktown?
- Man I am really bakedtown
by saltcock November 18, 2005

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