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To be a 'champion'; lead, grow, build; see potential, fill empty buckets, teach. Usually a person with great independence and an ability to see the big picture, read signs others miss. Ultra-observant, über-generous.
Hey, did you see how that guy saved that woman's life? He's a real Hines.
by jihgf April 22, 2010
the inconsequential passing of time. That thing that happens when you intend to have a bath and eat some food then alas it's quarter to midnight and you've.... done... nothing.
"Hello Robert, what did you do last night?"
"I have no idea. I was in hine.
by Flastie August 14, 2010
the act of pissing, vomiting and shitting yourself all at the same time.
eww! you just hines'd yourself.
by bunchofturds2 November 05, 2010
To be redneck, english & spanish speaking, and laidback all at the same time. A Hines loves what he does and is a man of his word.
Guy 1: did you see him? Just from his looks he is definitely a Hines.

Guy 2: Totally, man.
by ReggaeMan77 September 20, 2011
A hine is a colletion of your own hair over a lifetime put into a pile and then worshiped at for long periods of time.
Barber:Wow you realy needed a haircut what alot of hair!
(starts sweeping hair of the floor)
Jason:WTF dude dont chuck it away i need it for my hine...geez
by Felixxx April 26, 2008
The modified response when someone greets you with, “Hi, how are you?”
Q: Hi, how are you? A: Hine!
by JKinLA September 13, 2009
A word you use to describe a person who is HOTT and FINE
Man, that boy is so HINE I cant wait to meet him.
by Emili and Payton (GIRLS) February 07, 2005
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