Saskatchewanese for the basic ingredients used for cooking, instead of store bought mixes.
We made the hamburgers were made from scratch.
by Dillon Forsberg September 11, 2005
Tattoos, especially old school prison tats.
Holmes, did you see the "Folsom Prison scratch" on that old biker? It was the shit!
by Jim Inman August 24, 2006
A form of coin or paper currency
I'm gonna hit the streets to get make dis scratch! Girl I'm tryin to get with him he's got dat scratch!

by CoCo Blaze November 02, 2007
A musical note of definite pitch, created when moving a piece of vinyl back and forth in a rhythmic fashion under a needle on a phonographic turntable. Accidentally discovered (and later perfected) by Grand Wizzard Theodore.
"In fact I can't see, or can't imagine, a man who ain't a lover of beats, or a fan of scratchin'." - Eminem - "Infinite"
by DJ Conan April 12, 2004
Scratch (n.) 1: Minor injury that does not break the skin.
Don't scratch me. Just telling you in advance.
by Aaron July 07, 2003
1) An effeminate acting gay male.
2) A 'girly guy' or drama queen.
Christ, that male flight attendant is such a fucking scratch. He couldn't act more gay if he tried! Everytime he ssssaysss a ssentensse his ss's sound like he has a huge cock bitch-slapping the left side of his mouth.
by Mark2910 April 17, 2008
cool, nifty, groovy, neat, word, dope (in reference to an object or event)
You really let it rip the other night with that freestylin', that was scratch, man
by skippz November 06, 2003

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