someone who is always asking people for money, food, clothes, anything that is easily accessible...but they are too lazy to get it themselves...also known as a scavenger
Heather: "Can I borrow 50 cents?"
Me: *coughscrappercough*
by martha April 17, 2005
Top Definition
Someone who looks small but is really wired and can kick some major ass even though he doesn't look like it.
They started pickin on that guy over there and the little scrapper took 'em all.
by skippy88 December 04, 2005
someone who is very good at fighting and coming out of a fight winning
Jordan is a scrapper, he fought with the quarterback and won
by Nooneuneedtoknow June 27, 2009
It is a type of car called a Buick. It comes from the Bay Area which is in Kali4nia.
Aye man look at that scrapper wit all tha doors open, they gettin hyphy.
by FrIsKo's FiOnEsT December 18, 2004
A kinda Buick, wid 22's, candy paint, GAS BRAKE DIPPIN!!!!! (this explains the scrappin part, scrappin the front and back ends of the car,) aka the bumpers, term that came from the BAY AREA
gettin HYPHY in a scrapper
err body in da scrapper gettin tipsy
by workinhomie August 08, 2005
someone who does something that is annoying and petulant or someone who just plain fucks with people
if i were to pull down your pants you would call me a scrapper
by christian giordano June 16, 2008
One who collects scrap metal and cashes it in for cash!
Look at my friend Chris. He just scrapped 2 dryers and and a frigerator and made $45. What a SCRAPPER! He is helping the environment . Business is only good for a strong person. Must be able to load a 200 lb appliance by oneself. ie,, washing machine, oven, itc... Splitting rewards is tough on the pocket.
by scrapper chris April 05, 2010
19th Century term referring to poor people fighting over the scraps left inside a trash can.
"Ol' boy be packing on weight, right? With no cheese, better give a path to the can, he's a mad scrapper".
by Saxman401 January 21, 2008
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