Scrappin started with the lowriders..who would put metal plates on the bottom of there chassis (creating sparks as they scrapped on the asphalt) and pankake their ride as they cruised down a strip.
I keep my scrapper clean.
by 19 November 30, 2006
A term That philly niggas use to define a person that always begs for shit
Frank Benton Is a Scrapper
Ryne carr is a scrapper
Always beggin for food n drugs....
by Mizz The Dick Head November 02, 2003
a scrapper is a guy who is a homosexual but dosent really realize it, he wants attention from and is subconsiously attracted to other males and the only way he really knows how to deal with this is by picking fights with them.
yo scrapper dudes get a life.
by n.bishop November 16, 2006

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