A conlanger (language inventor) who keeps creating conlangs, then deprecating them and starting new ones.
My first conlang was Arushtrian. It was a relex of English, so I scrapped it as soon as I realized how n00bish it was. Then I took Latin and created Vettizish, an uninspired Latin clone. I scrapped that. Then I created Edétonzhuq, a kitchen-sink lang, and when I realized how unworkable it was I trashed that one too. Then I created Apharish, but after 1 page of grammar and 2 words of lexicon I abandoned it. Then I created Ghandizka, and three weeks later I scrapped it too. I worked out the case system and morphosyntactic alignment for Mezzobradian, but after a month I had only gotten to a 1,200-word grammar and fewer than 100 words of lexicon, and got rid of it as well. I've just started on Pissschludel two seconds ago. I'm a scrapper.
by Larry Busch July 28, 2012
A scrapper is a lowrider but the term scrapper came from the copper twigs they use to use on bumpers and when the twigs hit the curb it could make a sound so u would knowthat u were about to hit the curb.
scrapper copper wire
by jj919 August 31, 2009
19th Century term referring to poor people fighting over the scraps left inside a trash can.
"Ol' boy be packing on weight, right? With no cheese, better give a path to the can, he's a mad scrapper".
by Saxman401 January 21, 2008
Someone who street fights with no knowledge of how to fight. They're usually seen throwing closed-palm strikes and swing like monkeys. This is your common 'school fighter'
"Those scrappers throw hands like girls..."
by Khengi February 08, 2009
a badass kind of guy who gets into a lot of fights
Man dude Jim was a hell of a scrapper at the hockey game.
by Christopher Wayland February 18, 2005
also spelled s'crapper: someone that gets by on scraps, or gets into scraps, and might as well live in a crapper; a down-and-outer, a loser
that dude is a real s'crapper - he lives in a refrigerator box in the alley; he is a scrapper.
by adam_before_eve September 03, 2005
someone who is always asking people for money, food, clothes, anything that is easily accessible...but they are too lazy to get it themselves...also known as a scavenger
Heather: "Can I borrow 50 cents?"
Me: *coughscrappercough*
by martha April 17, 2005

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