When one or more people sneak up on an unsuspecting person and shake his or her belly fat repeatedly with both hands so that it looks much like a scrambling egg.
"Hey! There's a fat guy! Let's go scramble him!"

"You just got scrambled!"
by DesperateHokie May 01, 2012
Top Definition
The mixed feeling of being drunk and high
After that pitcher of beer at the bowling alley and hot boxing my friend's car I was feeling pretty scrambled.
by Teddy and Panda Co. January 14, 2009
Out of sorts. Not with it. Feeling crazy. Not able to get your thoughts together.
"I don't know what's wrong, I can't focus, I'm all scrambled"
by where am i? February 01, 2007
Crazy, off the chain.
This shit is scrambled yo!
by Marco Garcia May 01, 2005
Fucked up
That jungle juice got me scrambled.
by Matthew Pryce January 25, 2004

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