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Not performing well in a particular task, getting beaten easily, very poorly done, struggling.
E.g. someone does something poorly: You're scrambling
by SS-man November 25, 2007
1. looking rugged or like you just woke up. messed up hair and clothes.
2. struggling. forgetting things or looking for things or trying to get things done in a hurry.
1. She looked scrambling this morning without her make-up.

2. I was scrambling to find my homework before school this morning.
by Bob Treebark April 18, 2010
stealing, daytime/nighttime home & auto break ins, thefts of unattended property, purse snatching, etc. Done by junkies and crackheads low on funds or the ones who don't work at all, specifically to fuel a drug habit.
Jayvion was broke, desperate and are not ready for the party to end, so he went scrambling near the college campus.
by decl July 13, 2014

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