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Verb-past tense "scotted"

To be taken advantage of by a girl when black out drunk and not even remember or enjoy the sex.

Etymology: Scotty D was deflowered and didn't even remember it.
"Dude, what happened last night?", "This chick took you to her room and totally scotted you", "Yea, she loved it", "You are so pathetic"
by The Real Sloppy D March 13, 2010
A Verb to describe a person, usually a female or some participating in a meat-train, being raped or being asked to go somewhere to be raped. This is usually carried out discreetly whilst in loud place (e.g. A CLUB!! ..cough..) via the touching of the shoulder, followed by the words "Orite babe? Wana go for a swim?".
If you get off a cruise ship without being Scotted you get away 'Scott Free'.
by SCALLEYY August 15, 2009
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