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v. The act of snagging or blatantly stealing someone's possesion or opportunity when their guard is down.
I can't believe John went upstairs and boned Susan when her boyfriend was in the bathroom. What a Scoop!
by kyle hochreiter August 18, 2008
5 6
An exclamation to the world or nearby passers by that you have made (whether by chance or skill) a tremendous win earning you phat lootz. Can also just be done for the lulz.
Ticket sails man - "Well, congratulations, you got the last two tickets"
You - "SCOOPS!!"
by John Malone June 03, 2007
3 4
A word used when asking someone "how is it going?" or "what is going on?".
Hey friend, what is the scoop on the hockey game?
by TheTallTale March 05, 2005
25 26
to acquire illicit drugs (i.e. heroin) on the street-corner.
"I was jonesin' and it took forever to scoop."
by shady bill August 02, 2004
20 21
To quickly steal a small item from someone. Usually done in full view of the owner, and with the purpose of taking them by surprise more than actually obtaining the scooped item.
"...She just scooped my shoe!"
by Azzie February 18, 2003
5 6
Phenomenon started by two high school girls from NoVA, "Scoop" is used when:
1. You steal something from someone
2. You've dumbfounded someone (generally followed by a playful slap to the face)
1. J walks over to C's normal seat in math class, and takes it anyways. When C enters, J looks her in the eyes and says 'Scoop!'
2. C proves J wrong, J is left speechless. To break the silence C yells SCOOP! followed by a scooping motion with her hand and a slap to J's face.
by Sneakers9 February 06, 2010
3 5
slapping hands; holding arm close to the chest with the hand in the position to throw a scoop of ice cream at the ground, the other end of the scoop will recieve the thrown 'ice cream' in the palm of their hand.
yo scoop that shit mother fucka!!

...double scoop!!

throw that fucking scoop on a waffle cone bitch!
by camloveron March 30, 2009
1 3