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the angry sound a llama make when it cannot communicate with humans. (see scoop)
by annonamous April 14, 2003
the most 1337 operating system ever conceived
dude, i just upgraded from windows xp to rg, SCOOP!!!!!
by annonamous April 15, 2003
colin petersen enjoys long, hard, exasperating walks on the beach with hans petersen (his father), then getting completely dominated in the butt by hans and falling asleep to the pleasure of knowing he just had his butthole penitrated by his father
8=====D colins first love
by annonamous April 14, 2005
the legendary leader (along with wedge) of teh ancient clan Clamdigger
omg, scoop just came down and headshoted me
by annonamous April 14, 2003
1. a shout of victory at LAN tournaments and parties. scoop was originally started by Idofex and Kazer (220) and later adopted by noobs such as CyKo and passed on by yell of mouth.
(idofex headshots kazer, stands up and yells) SCOOOOOOOOP!!!!
by annonamous April 14, 2003
the legendary leader (along with scoop) of the ancient clan Clamdigger
dude, you see that shot? i swear it was from wedge himself
by annonamous April 14, 2003
an urban legend among cs players. though only a myth, many beleive the clamdiggers to be the ancient clan made up of the most 1337 players to ever hold a mouse. clamdigger Scoop and clamdigger Wedge were the leaders of the clan, and it is said that once they took cpl single-mousedly, taking every last player out with their golden knives
man, im doin so good today, if only clamdigger was here id pwn them (admin bans them out of respect for cs legend)
by annonamous April 14, 2003

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