A racial slur towards people of Micronesian Decent, typically Chuukese people. Derived from the fact that, when faced in a fight, Chuukese people tend to pick up (scoop) rocks to use as weapons.
Tashy: Look at that ugly scoop.
Jenny: Yeah, I hate the way she picks up rocks.
by CONTRACKK December 10, 2009
the action when masterbate or making love and producing out the sperms
yersterday i gave my girlfriend one big scoop on her ass
slapping hands; holding arm close to the chest with the hand in the position to throw a scoop of ice cream at the ground, the other end of the scoop will recieve the thrown 'ice cream' in the palm of their hand.
yo scoop that shit mother fucka!!

...double scoop!!

throw that fucking scoop on a waffle cone bitch!
by camloveron March 30, 2009
To acquire something, especially a rare or valuable item
I saw those dunks on sale and I had to get them. SCOOP!
We're fitting 5 in a 2 bed hotel room? I gotta scoop on one of those beds.

by Harrison FLASH W February 26, 2009
It is when you cup your hand on a chicks tits and flip it up while yelling scoooooop, so that everyone in the room looks over
Shhhhhhhh, I'm gonna go scoop that sneaze beaze
by Justin JMFP Page July 10, 2008
v. To come from behind (or in front) and grab a male's testicles. Scooping usually is done man-to-man on a personal level. A version of this is to grab the testicles and pull down.
This results in pain.
Scooping brings a whole new meaning to "Two Scoops of Raisins."
by TheNumberoftheLlama March 13, 2008
the act of coming up on sumthing, saying sumthing raw, hearing sumthing raw, and doing sumthing raw
1.)when you find sumthing of value on the ground you swiftly "Scoop" it up and say "Scoop"

2.)when you hear sumthin raw instead of saying a sentence of conformation you just simply say "SCOOP" and the case is closed
by Cedric Anderson September 17, 2007
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