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Pint. Always used in the plural.
Headin' out for a few scoops tonight?
by Clarkekentyboy May 09, 2009
67 29
A term for drinking alcoholic beverages.
Are you coming out for some scoops tonight?
by Kuthula June 08, 2004
86 55
Pints of beer - usually Guinness - Irish slang
Alright Tommy are ya goin down to Mulligans for a few scoops?
Sorry bud, I'm bleedin skint.
by snoozebridge November 24, 2010
38 9
To stop by someone's house and pick them up.
We're thinking we'll scoop you around 7, dawg.
by Seymouriarty July 06, 2006
138 110
The act of lifting a heavier persons boob fat in a funny way
you must yell SCOOP! when you do it or it looses it's meaning
did you see eric get scooped
I just got scooped
by LIDDSTER December 09, 2008
107 84
a.) To place your fingertips underneath the nipple of another man, usually through his shirt, and flicking the said nipple upwards. A man is NEVER to do this to a woman.

b.) to wear a lot of makeup. Figuratively speaking, the girl literally takes a heaping scoop of makeup with her hand and smears it all over her face. not literally of course. people who scoop are most likely unatractive without their make up, and are also sluts.
a.) John: (gee, it sure is cold outside. Franks nipple is poking through his shirt)
John: (Scoops Frank) Scoooooop!
Frank: ah! jesus christ, what's wrong with you?

b.) Mark: Timmy, who do you like?
Timmy:..... Emily! okay?
Mark: Are you kidding?
Timmy: no, she's hot.
Mark: No way dude. She scoops!
by frv April 16, 2010
28 19
a brush of the tit area in a upward flicking motion.
scoop, scoop, scoop, scoop etc.
by phatts Jtown February 02, 2009
54 45