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Scoopie is a game played by 2 or more players. Hold your hand palm-side up. Curl your pinky, ring finger, and thumb into your palm. It will look like the 'shocker' but without the pinky. Now you are ready to scoopie somebody. Find your victim. They Probably should be unsuspecting of your intent. Taking your hand with the two fingers extendend, lift the fingers over the victim's nipple moving upward. As you make contact with the nipple you must say 'Scoopie!' as the unsuspecting person wallows in confusion and humilation, you laugh in self satifaction.
"Dude, Nick just scoopied me"

"Are you ok?"

"I don't know"
by Go Mets! June 10, 2009
a well crafted-down ass bitch that you'd love to take home and ride like a stallion
you're walking to your next class and see 20 fine ass girls wearing spandex in front of you and you tell your friend... "damn, scoopie central." "yea, check out that scoop over there...fine as shit."
by SFCroeSFC May 10, 2010
damn, originated from pooper scooper also meaning damn
SCOOPIE i dropped my banana
by bryan w May 28, 2004

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