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A 24oz drink. Normally draft beer but every once in a while you'll find a place that will make them with your favorate highball (4oz or hard)
After my 8th scooner at Boston Pizza, I gave half of them back to Ralph.
by Klautt July 18, 2005
A sum of cannabis that is rolled in a zig zag or rolling paper that is formed into a marijuana cigarette which is smoked.
"Hey man, Erick has that fat scooner ready to be smoked. I saw it in his car somewhere." "David, remember what Franklin did last time you lit up with out his permission? Lets just wait." "Naw man its not a big deal. Once I spark this scoonie doob up Franklin will be walking out of the store trust me."Alright man your taking the heat for it if he gets angry."
by JahBlazeTheFire420 February 05, 2013
A Sexy Beast who is wanted by everyone!
by Anonymous March 28, 2003

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