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2 definitions by Spazet

A person be it Male or Female who is in search of sex or a sexual encounter of some sort.

Someone who skips about from one place to the next in serch of Sex. Like a rock skipping across water, only stopping where they may find the Poontang.
Also someone who makes sexual comments or gestures about any random person seen out on the street, in a mall or where ever you might be.
Hey man lets go to the Mall tonight i feel like checking out the ladies.

Dude, your such a Poon Scooner.
by Spazet April 25, 2011
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Penis Fingers tend to happen when one is tired or intoxicated and cant seem to hit the right keys, or hit several extra keys all at the same time. Meaning No matter what you do your typing looks as if you typed it with your Penis.
John: whjat are yoiu up top tonight man?

Marc: Not much dude, seems like you have a case of Penis fingers tonight, lol.

John: seriouluy, I know right!?
by Spazet April 25, 2011
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