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Adjective used to describe things that seem too old, tired, or boring.

Origin: The adventures of Laura Ingalls and her family, "Little House on the Prairie"

Usage Notes:

If it looks like it would be right at home in a one room schoolhouse, it's probably too prairie.

If gay men like it, it's probably NOT prairie.
Did you see that girl's ridiculous braids? She's so prairie.

OMG, my boyfriend dragged me to a spaghetti western film festival on Saturday. Sooooooo prairie.
by inwardfacinggirl November 06, 2009
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n. An empty lot, usually overgrown with weeds so as to resemble a prairie. Specific to Chicago, esp. the South Side, now possibly obsolete.
" I TOLD you not to swing so hard; now I've gotta go look for the ball in that damn prairie across the street!"
by chitownriverscum September 14, 2009
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