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money; greens; another word for money
I couldn't buy the chips cuz I was lacking the scooch.
by bloody wanker March 08, 2005
v. to move the buttocks over, around or up and down.
Scooch over, make some room for mama on the couch.
by Jacomba February 27, 2004
a small amount. either of movement or substance.
Scooch that picture down on the left.
Scooch over a bit and let me in.
Just give me a scooch of that cheesecake.
by hi-phi September 24, 2005
to be a pest or annoyance
don't be a scooch, my little sister is such a scooch
by Chelsea Martin January 07, 2008
A combination of scoot and tush, as in "scoot your tush." Also has elements of smoosh.
Scooch over--I can't fit in.
by Ronacrone October 12, 2009
Poop plain in simple. Or tacking a crap. The act of scooching.
Hey man your dog scooched all over my yard!
by Lunarburn February 28, 2013
To crouch down, or to get down lower
you will have to scooch down to cet through the doorway
by Anonymous October 24, 2003
Noun: Anal Sex
That girl got scooched by that guy on myspace
by Annie Lano September 11, 2008