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money; greens; another word for money
I couldn't buy the chips cuz I was lacking the scooch.
by bloody wanker March 08, 2005
1 20
v. to move the buttocks over, around or up and down.
Scooch over, make some room for mama on the couch.
by Jacomba February 27, 2004
339 48
a small amount. either of movement or substance.
Scooch that picture down on the left.
Scooch over a bit and let me in.
Just give me a scooch of that cheesecake.
by hi-phi September 24, 2005
123 88
to be a pest or annoyance
don't be a scooch, my little sister is such a scooch
by Chelsea Martin January 07, 2008
86 78
A combination of scoot and tush, as in "scoot your tush." Also has elements of smoosh.
Scooch over--I can't fit in.
by Ronacrone October 12, 2009
35 43
Poop plain in simple. Or tacking a crap. The act of scooching.
Hey man your dog scooched all over my yard!
by Lunarburn February 28, 2013
6 17
To crouch down, or to get down lower
you will have to scooch down to cet through the doorway
by Anonymous October 24, 2003
26 37
Noun: Anal Sex
That girl got scooched by that guy on myspace
by Annie Lano September 11, 2008
12 25