A person that finds amusement in annoying and provoking a person or a JMI.
You can be so annoying, I wish you would just stop being a scooch!
by scooch April 13, 2005
To use a small amount of liquid.Normally a little more than a splash.
How much juice do you want in the glass, ah just a quick scooch!
by Technofrog March 22, 2003
Poop plain in simple. Or tacking a crap. The act of scooching.
Hey man your dog scooched all over my yard!
by Lunarburn February 28, 2013
Noun: Anal Sex
That girl got scooched by that guy on myspace
by Annie Lano September 11, 2008
To move or drag one's rear end along the ground or floor. Mostly used to describe the motion a dog performs after a bowl movement to wipe off excess excrement -- using the front legs to pull his body along while in a sitting position.

Also spelled "skooch"

The dog lifted both his feet when he scooched his buttocks across the grass.
by Dorothy June 19, 2006
the area between your ass and your balls
louise has a big hairy scooch
by kannar June 03, 2009
another name for a girl, referring to her snatch...
Rasmussen said he was going to bring over some scooch tonight!
by Cody Guffey May 27, 2008

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