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same as the others but that taylor kid f'ed-up that quote so badly i have to make amends
Tony- "the bookies got blagged..."
Avi- "Speak English Tony, i thought the country spawned the fucking language, but so far no one seems to speak it"
Tony- "blagged... robbed."
by juicebox March 18, 2005
To be tricked, to talk your way out of something.
That bastard blagged me into a field and then he fingered me
I just blagged my way out of cheating on my bitch
by The Daddy March 13, 2003
A word to describe getting through a situation by improvisation a.k.a...just do it and hope no one notices you have no idea what your doing.
Humphrey: omg dude i totally didn't revise for that test.
Ingleburt: dont worry dude i blagged it too.
by BurlesquePrincess October 23, 2006
Frequently used in Britain and some other English speaking countries, to mean:

1. Trickery to obtain something vital or dear to someone, especially information.

2. Thieving, stealing.

3. Getting something in a cheeky, harmless way.
1. Gordon had his personal information blagged, and before he knew it, his bank account was cleared out.

2. The scumbags blagged themselves everything from televisions to trainers during the riots. One guy even looted some Immodium, after an earlier break-in at Nandos.

3. Stephanie blagged herself a free drink by flashing some healthy cleavage to the barman, shaking her cute, tight arse as she walked away.
by NaughtySteph September 10, 2011
Something that confuses you (specially when stoned) Normally in other forms of the word ie/ Blaggin, Blags
Dude, that blagged my head


Thats fuckin blaggin!


That blags!
by Gouldy May 19, 2006
A piece of property etc that has been stolen.
I just blagged this dildo out of your mums drawer
by The Daddy March 13, 2003
To steal/rob off with something or somewhere
Bullet Tooth Tony: "Someone blagged bricktops bookies last night"
Random American Wanker: "Tony, for christs sake you invented the language, speak english"
Bullet Tooth Tony: "Blagged, means robbed innit"
from Snatch
by Taylor January 24, 2005
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