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To copulate with someones anal passage without the aid of lubrication
My boyfriend was fucking me last night, then he pinned me down and without spitting on my hole first he dry butt fucked me. It really hurt
by The Daddy March 13, 2003
The garment traditionally worn underneath trousers to stop your old man from chaffing on your zip.
Do you have holes in your underpants?
How do you get them on then?!
by The Daddy March 13, 2003
To be tricked, to talk your way out of something.
That bastard blagged me into a field and then he fingered me
I just blagged my way out of cheating on my bitch
by The Daddy March 13, 2003
a) To make a sudden and unplanned movement, a twitch, usually caused by being so stoned u just flinch for no reason and the person sat next to u thinks ur weird.
b) When you have consumed too many drugs/too much alcohol and u blackout on the floor and twitch when you are unconcious. (an epileptic fit is also known as a spazz out)
a) Whoa my leg just spazzed out, Im so stoned.
b) I dont think I should hav...smack, dribble, twitch twitch twitch
by The Daddy March 13, 2003
A annoying person who is always sending text messages and ringing people and then going through each ring tone seperatley.
Do u like this ring tone?
You phone geek (smash)
by The Daddy March 13, 2003
A person with the afliction known as acne.
hahaha your face looks like a pizza, pizza face
by The Daddy March 13, 2003
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