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an insult to a person who is an degenerate, bitch, pussy, no friends, gay, unliked, unwanted, lame, idiot, nonsensical

basically a general insult to anyone
"Dude quit being such a scone"

"You're really sconin' up"

"Ooooh! It's the scone collector"

"Welcome to the scone zone"

"Sconeyyyyyy!" - Alternative nickname for one who is a constant scone
by brian 110% anti scone peterson August 24, 2007
8 54
any sort of hand-held lighter.
Yo man I need to light this blunt pass me the scone.
by michael richie smith January 09, 2011
86 19
To call somebody a scone. imply that they are forever alone or socially abrupt. someone who is very awkward. someone who is left out of something, one who is last
In gym the teacher tells everyone to find a partner. everyone picks but one guy is left. So they called him a scone.
by Memeguy May 19, 2013
18 15
Verb meaning to go, leave, or escape promptly. Usually issued as a verbal command when either (1) there is a small timeframe available to perform the action, or (2) the speaker has an insatiable urge to perform the action.

Originated from the often quickly pronounced phrase, "Let's go" as its verbal sound resembles the phrase, "Ts'go". This verbal mispronunciation was then matched with its closest sounding counterpart, the word, "Scones". Historians cannot pinpoint the true region where the slang term originated, but some argue it was first used by Amazonian tribal chiefs in the 16th century, when the concept of escaping quickly was essential due to their vulnerability to the harsh jungle environment.

Regardless of its origination, it is a term used around the world, typically by college-age Americans, and has recently been linked to a cure for childhood obesity and testicular cancer.
College bro: "Dude! The bonfire starts in 30 minutes! Scones!"


College kid 1: "Whoa, is that Dave Matthews?!"
College kid 2: "It is! Hes about to leave on his bicycle!"
College kid 1: "Shit we have to meet him! Scones before its too late!"


Bro to bro: "Scones mah bones, bro!"


Black guy in a hurry: "Oh shit da cops, scones! Help me wit dis plasma screen!"


Asian kid trying to be cool: "Scones man!"
Bro who snowboards a lot: "Dude..."


The South Carolina government in 1860: "Scones!"

by Evil Cankles December 01, 2010
29 28
n. any form of currency, and/or relating to money
Have a nice day at the beach you lazy bastard, one of us has to work and bring in the scones!
by Blanodino April 16, 2011
9 17
1. A small cake originating in Scotland
2. Derived from the Scottish Gaelic word "Sgonn" meaning a "block" or more precisely "Sgonn arain" meaning a block of bread. Due to this, the correct pronunciation is "Skon". The earliest record of a scone dates back to the early 16th century in Scotland.
3. Commonly served with clotted cream, strawberry jam and a cup of tea. More commonly known as a "cream tea".
4. There are derivatives of the word "scone" in Scots language where the word is also pronounced "skon".
5. Can also be known as a biscuit in American English.
Scones are delicious.
by Siamese November 17, 2006
102 111
a penis that has been constructed for a female to male sex change.
The doctor said that my scone will never grow erect, but will resemble a penis.
by olejatt June 22, 2010
7 19
a Canadian slang term for drinking beer fast. Related to shot gunning a beer.
"lets go scone some kokanee's before the hockey game starts"

"hold up girl, I gotta scone this beer before we go"

"the first girl to scone a beer and place the empty can on her head upside down, wins for her table to eat first"
by tizzco April 15, 2010
3 16