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A beautiful, intelligent, elegant and dazzling woman
"See that hot chick over there?"
"Yeah, but she's a scone. Way out of your league!"
by Paul_ero October 09, 2006
23 36
An older woman who you would like to fuck, aka MILF. The hot mother of a biscuit.
I'd like to eat that scone's biscuit!
If that scone was a biscuit, I'd spread my butter all over her backside.
by wehrlock December 23, 2004
28 41
SCONES ARE GOOD! SCONES ARE CRUNCHY! A funny little cake like thing that became one of my all time favorate words.
Want a scone?
by CJ Henry April 01, 2004
23 36
1. a scone is a triangular shaped biscuit usually baked on a pan or cooked on a griddle deriving from the Dutch word 'schoon' meaning light bread from the 17th century or the 1600's

2. source of infinite power normally disguised as a triangular shaped pastry.
1. Scones are yummy!

2. Hail to the scones.
by Sconeboy December 20, 2003
27 40
A big mistake, especially in sports. Can be used as a verb or a noun.
"All he had to do was make a 25 yard field goal and he sconed it!"

"Did you see Tony Parker miss that dunk? What a scone!"
by JR PAPERSTACKS November 03, 2011
4 18
a nickname given to Haitian and/or Bajan Americans (particularly females), whom cannot speak creole. Many scones attend Ivy League institutions in order to make up for their lack of knowledge regarding their culture's native tongue.
Haitian Boy: Hey is that girl Haitian? She's bad as shit, I'm gonna talk to her!

Jealous Haitian Girl: Good luck with that. She's a scone.
by jawn30 August 21, 2011
7 21
To make contact with someone in a sexual manner, but with more public appeal. Scone prounounced as in Cone.
"We are going to scone later" Suggesting the idea of sexual contact through the word scone.
by mtwini09 October 28, 2010
4 18