(n.) "Joeism" Scalliwag. Ne'er do well. One of low intelligence. Punk. Often seen wearing irresponsible facial hair and baggy clothing.
You're gonna marry that scobe?
by ZoJoTheMagnificent July 19, 2010
it's a chav. just look for the adidas tracksuit.
wow. look at that scobe-like adidas tracksuit.
by ~Katie~ April 28, 2007
to scratch or score a surface, usually paintwork.
the lady scobed the shopping trolley along the side of the man's car
by popeye1234567 June 30, 2009
A person of lower class, from Limerick local dialect
"Dont leave the good silver out, Tommy's a complete scobe, he'll pinch it"
by Barry Hogan September 05, 2005
1. to nervously scratch one's upper chest and subsequently sniff one's fingers while simultaneously presenting an expression of complete confusion.

2. to receive fellatio while scratching one's chest and screaming "I AIN'T GOT NO HAPPY FEEET!"

(Related Words: scobes, to scobe, scobing, scobed)
1. "As I realized that the girl I wanted to get with all year was finally in my room, I began to excessively scobe myself."

2. Francisco: "Yo bro, how was your night? Did you finally get with Tina?"
Nani: "Haha, yeahhh kid, she scobed me all night. And honestly, probably one of the best scobes I've ever had."
Francisco: "Damn, son."
by Marcelo Tavarez April 17, 2008
a really cool guy, originating from melbourne, australia. popularised by mono and meredith culture.
scobes is cool; did you see scobes naked at meredith?
by sarahp September 25, 2004
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