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Adj. dirty, down on their luck folk, who don't want to improve.
"take a left by the scummers house, the one with all of the trash, then proceed half a mile, we are on the right."
by Sickter6 February 10, 2013
Adj. a person who is down on their luck and feels content remaining at the bottom of our great American caste system.
See also: scummers
"That dood is such a scobe, he came to town, stole my bike and then left with the carnival."
by Sickter6 February 10, 2013
Noun. A device that turns naturally occurring water ways into managed systems that require maintenance and can potentially cause great harm to the environment.
"Did you see all those brook trout trapped downstream of that culvert?"
by Sickter6 February 06, 2013
Adjective. A male or female who would rather stare at the scenery then ride (ski or snowboard) the hill. Gapers can cause congestion at crucial intersections and sometimes get dealt with accordingly.
"Did you see me spray those gapers with snow back there?"
by Sickter6 February 06, 2013
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