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another word meaning to have sex, to fuck, or a meaning for everything.
Guy: Whadup? I wanna schwoop you.
by endowed January 16, 2010
The formation of something (from the seats of a hot tub to the divits made when you hang tassels from the ceiling, to a strange arching of a Christmas tree) in a curved fashion.
The seats of the hot tub are so schwoopy it's perfect for relaxing.

That tree has such a schwoop in it's trunk. I wonder if it's healthy
by Dr. Vocaublary December 06, 2009
Pronounced (Sha-whoops) The act of verbally expressing ones excitement. It can be used at the beginning or end of any sentence and also can be used in the context of a question. But, it is commonly used in the act of celebration or accomplishment. For instance, making a cup in a game of beer pong.
by kinger and muscle beach July 22, 2010