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to emotionly and intellectually detach from a hated nothing job.
sargent schultz in hogans heros . to see,hear,and know nothing to stay out of trouble,and avoid the russian front. recognising that the reason the old timers at work are bitter is because the gave the company their all and got screwed .and avoiding their fate. knowing that you owe the company what the company owes you nothing. how do you keep from going postal at mcjobs? im schultzing it babby im schultzing it.
by bmut November 03, 2007
v. To check out one's own reflection in all reflective surfaces, including mirrors, office and/or store front windows.

n. Irresistible compulsion to check out one's own reflection in all reflective surfaces.
Franklin wouldn't have tripped and fallen on his face if he wasn't schultzing in that car's window.
by R.Dubs March 05, 2010
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