The practical experience of life, including hardship and disappointments.

Often used by those who couldn't/didn't go to college for whatever reason and instead went through hardships and disappointments.
He pulled himself up by the bootstraps and made his way through the school of hard knocks.
by scarletswitchblade June 14, 2004
Learning a lesson the hardway.
IE: you get your girlfriend pregnant and you did not use protection.

School of hard knocks says: Use protection because now you have another mouth to feed.
by lilshawn June 14, 2004
The place where you learn that sometimes you "get beat upside the head just for livin'" Where your grandfather went to school. Can refer to old school.
"Gee mister, where'd you learn to fight like that?" "School of hard knocks, kid."
by tonk June 16, 2004
Obviously where you are classically trained in rock!!!According to our masters, Tenacious D (Rock your Socks):
"That is Bach and it rocks
It's a rock block of Bach
That he learned in the school
Called the school of hard knocks!"
by Zeromus June 07, 2005
Nickname for Queens Borough, NYC.
"I'm from Queens, kid... the school of hard knocks."
by KHova January 03, 2006
An institution where drs go to learn how to do breast implanrs.
"Are you qualified to do breast implants?"

"Certainly, I learned at the School of Hard Knocks."
by REAL AMERICAN June 07, 2005
not half as funny as the prequel "school of hard knockers" starring michael cain as the college jock.
the dean : JOCKSON!
cain: your only supposed to blow the bloody dorrs off,man.
by scott van winkle June 18, 2004
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