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verb 'car-NISH'

To garnish a dish (e.g. Toast) violently. Root words 'Tarnish', 'Garnish' and 'Carnage'.
To throw large amounts of food things at one-another.
Bob: "I'm hungry"
Tim: "Lets make some Carnished Toast!"
*They both begin throwing butter and cinnamon sugar at the toast, then brutally beat the sandwich.


Bob: "Man, this soup is DELICIOUS!"
*Carnishes it against the wall*


In the movie 'Thor', in the coffeeshop, Thor 'carnished' the coffee mug because he loved the coffee.
by Tonk September 25, 2012
a mountain beaver
I was hiking in the mountains when I came across a sewellel
by tonk June 16, 2004
The place where you learn that sometimes you "get beat upside the head just for livin'" Where your grandfather went to school. Can refer to old school.
"Gee mister, where'd you learn to fight like that?" "School of hard knocks, kid."
by tonk June 16, 2004

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