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Finding an interesting or non-convetional way to obtain funds to get something you want.
"borowing" your friends bike and selling it at your neigbours garage sale so you can buy new speakers.
by lilshawn June 14, 2004
A six wheeled, six wheel drive all terrain and anphibious vehicle. Used mainly for hunting to get into mountainous or heavily treed areas.
Vroom! six wheels, floats nuf said!
by lilshawn June 14, 2004
Learning a lesson the hardway.
IE: you get your girlfriend pregnant and you did not use protection.

School of hard knocks says: Use protection because now you have another mouth to feed.
by lilshawn June 14, 2004
Slang for testicles
Getting kicked in the JIMMIES really hurts.
by lilshawn June 14, 2004
By somebody saying "True story", That automaticaly makes ANYTHING said previously by that person COMPLETELY FALSE.
GUY: "I saw this guy and he like totaly did this backflip while crosisng the road...... True story, I seen it myself"

ME: Bull schitt!
by lilshawn June 18, 2004

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