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The fusion of the words what and ever, the lazy man's whatever.

Usually used on it's own as a response to something you care not for and do not want to discuss.
Ma: "Andrew, I've discovered you've been shagging the dog behind our back. That dog means a lot to your father and you should respect his wishes, I'm sick to death of..."
Andrew: *groans* "whevah..."

Andrew exists stage left.
by Zeromus December 19, 2006
A cringe-worthy infringement, derivative of the word 'incringement'. Similar to the word 'infringing' but with an added smack down, handle with care.
Dude, you're incringing on my personal space. Do you wash?
by Zeromus October 15, 2007
Obviously where you are classically trained in rock!!!According to our masters, Tenacious D (Rock your Socks):
"That is Bach and it rocks
It's a rock block of Bach
That he learned in the school
Called the school of hard knocks!"
by Zeromus June 07, 2005

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