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German word for liquor.

Has much alcohol in it!
Prost! Kipp den Schnaps auf Ex, du oller Schlucker!
by Nils April 29, 2004
To express emotion, like "Holy Shit!" or "Wow!"
Holy schnap! That was off the hinges!
by Vandall March 15, 2005
Used to express surprise or astonishment. Derivative of "snap", as in "Oh, snap".
"Oh, schnap! Guess what I saw?"
by daboz April 28, 2003
- n. - Old fashioned term acting as a swear word; only the ghettoest of ghetto use this term
Schnap, da cops is on to us!
by Bensta November 22, 2005
an exclamation used when exhilerated, angry or trying to get someone's attention (or all of the above)

(rod's definition, is the definative - daboz's is rubbish)
"Schnap!" (shortly followed by) "Hey! You! Listen!"
"Schna-aaaaaap!" (as if on rollercoaster)
"SCHNAP!" (follwed by i broke my penci, or that truck just rolled over my toe)
by rod fleming November 18, 2003
the art of sitting on the crapper and taking a snooze, or more correctly... shitting and snoring.
I was disgusted and repulsed to find that my boss, in the stall next to me, had been taking a schnap-- to revive him, I quickly drew up mounds of t.p. accordingly, making a thunderous racket.
by malhill August 23, 2007
describes the period of time when, after a nice big lunch of mexican food, you retreat to the can and deuce while catching a few Z's, all while on the clock...

also defined as a "crapnap"
man, that la bamba's is hittin me, it's gonna one helluva schnap when we get back to the office...
by k-pack October 14, 2005
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