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A female that could "take the D" or in other words,

A girl that men would want to have sex with
Louie- "Damnnnnn homie, Peep homegirl over there..."
Silver- "Godamnnn look at dat ass..."
Both*- "she could get it.."
Louie- "Hellllll Yeah"

take the d she a get it she could get it she uh get it she can get it busty
by louiedajuiceman July 03, 2010
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Phrase used to describe a girl who is hot. Inspired by the J.G. Wentworth commercial, "It's my money and I need it now!" When a girl is hot enough that she "could get her money now," then she could get it. In addition, if said girl gets laid, she got it.
Damn, look at her...she could GET IT!
by Jedi2169 June 23, 2008

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