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someone who loves to mow lawns and usually has in a chaw. they often try to be redneck and also have a menstration cycle. often seen without a shirt and always has to have a girlfriend to feed emotions to
gah that person is a schmid, showing up to tom and barrys without a shirt and a dip in while texting his girlfriend
by tshawn mutha fucking smit June 01, 2010
to vomit and shit simultaneously after the consumption of too much shitty vodka. commonly one will experience the feeling of impending death and after they have expelled everything in they're body will black out for endless hours, and may actually be dead.
"I just schmided away summer 09, fml."
by shawtybitch September 01, 2009
Marijuana advertised as mids, when in reality it is schwag.
Man, I smoked some schmids the other day, and I wasn't even buzzed.
by Chimp of Doom August 06, 2008
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