To schmick someone means to initiate sexual intercourse with an asleep partner. The partner initiating the intercourse will need lubricant.

It is a german-austrian expression.
I schmicked my girlfriend at 4am this morning.
I got slapped tonight for trying to schmick my girlfriend.
by Hasadeur12 November 08, 2011
Top Definition
Descriptive word, usually depecting a person or thing. If referring to a person, theres Lots of confidence, and an aura of almost detachment. In general, Means very suave, very smooth, ultra-cool.
"That guy over there is so schmick"
"My car is totally schmick"
by JessMiester July 13, 2004
1. I say this in Australia to mean anything sick, cool, tight or excellent.
Usually the item is new, shiny, fresh and mad bling-bling style.
2. Can also be an said to mean 'cool' 'allright' 'OK' or 'yeah' in response to a question, to show your down with it.
1. "Man that Skyline is a Schmick ride."
"Hey! Schmick shirt dude."
2. "Let's listen to some Redman."
"I'll come over later on."
"Soundz Schmick."
by Diego September 18, 2003
Stylish, elegant and efficient in design, perfect application or device.
That's a schmick gizmo. Where did you get it?
by wordeater November 24, 2010
Jargon term describing creative and/or technical excellence in relation to man-made articles.
I love the way that fits together so well, schmick!
by InternationalID August 22, 2011
Something completely awesome, insane or off the hook.
"FYTBL is schmick"

"Dude, did you see his ride?" "Yeah man, it was schmick"
by Prime Extravagance.2 February 28, 2012
Exclamation of admiration, agreement, praise
John has a new ball, it's schmick

"Do you like that dog?"
"Yeah its a schmick dog"
by Karen Leake January 29, 2003
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