Schmick is a word used as a 'Wildcard' in the English American language. Its direct origin hails from the word Lesorschmick
This exotic term is often used as an insult or an adjective. Because it is a 'Wildcard' Wildcard in the english language, it can be used in any form or tense. There are absolutely no grammatical rules to the use of this term.
- This assignment is a pain in the schmick.
- You're a Schmick.
- Schmick on you, Schmick.
- Wow! That stupid fat schmick.
- Stop schmicking around.
- He is a f***ing Schmick.
#schmick #shit #asshole #dick #annoying
by Eric Schmick July 08, 2012
A gathering of human beings with estrogen. Superior to all other forms of a "bro". Also, fantastic singers. And dancers. And actresses. Triple threats, if you will. Schmicks have impeccable fashion sense, usually consisting of sexy hair, awesome shades, and pajama shorts. Schmicks love Hilary Duff. Bro's don't stand a chance!
Bros are not as cool as schmicks.
#rad #bro #hot #shmicks #winners
by schmickgirl August 28, 2010
It seems to be used here in Australia only to refer to a very well turned out truck or other motor vehicle.
The Toyota Coaster that Colin is setting up as a demo vehicle is pretty darn schmick.
by Peter Wheatley June 21, 2003
A jackass, a complete cornball. A conglomeration of the word schmuck and dick.
I can't stand that dude, he's a total schmick
#jerk #cornball #cheezebucket #jackass #bonehead
by Stony Stark November 07, 2008
Nothing, zero, zilch, syn. for bupkis
I went looking for a job, and turned up schmick.
by Henry Fnord June 01, 2004
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